Welcome to the Oldham County website. Please take time to look around. Our site is in continual evolution as we attempt to provide more effective service to our community.

Oldham County is named in honor of Colonel William Oldham, a Revolutionary War officer from the area. We were the 74th county in Kentucky, formed from parts of neighboring counties, Jefferson, Henry and Shelby. Our birthday is December 15, 1823.

I am the Judge-Executive, or ‘county judge’, as the position is known. I am the chief administrative officer of county government. The judge-executive does not conduct trials or act as a judge in the sense of a judge and jury, but rather presides at Fiscal Court.

 It is not unusual to have someone move to Oldham County who is not familiar with the term fiscal court.  In Kentucky, fiscal court is similar to a county commission or county council in other jurisdictions, where priorities are set, policies are determined, and spending decisions validated. Oldham County’s Fiscal Court is made up of the judge-executive and eight magistrates who are elected to represent separate districts from throughout the county.

Among the responsibilities of the judge-executive are the preparation and execution of the annual county budget, overseeing the county’s finances, supervising police, road maintenance, planning and development services, and recreation. The judge-executive, with the agreement of Fiscal Court, makes appointments to most of the public boards and commissions operating in the county.

Although Oldham County has great physical beauty, and we are proud of our county, we recognize people as our most valuable resource. As a county government, our objective is to protect our quality of life through efficient application of our tax dollars, unmatched customer service among our agencies, excellent schools, respecting nature, well planned development, family-oriented recreational programs, higher value employment opportunities and civic activities. We also are concerned about and support services and programs for the least able among us, citizens with physical disabilities or financial hardship.    

As the manager of government services, my intent is to provide timely and informative communication through Time Warner cable channel 25, news media, and other resources. You are invited to contact me or any of our other public servants whenever you need assistance in a matter related to county government.


David Voegele