The Oldham County Solid Waste and Recycling Department offers a variety of services that make waste disposal both convenient and environmentally sound. We provide garbage, yard waste, and junk collection and offer recycling and waste reduction opportunities.


We are governed by Oldham County Solid Waste Ordinances KOC-04-830-181, KOC-99-830-199, KOC-97-830-53 and KOC-94-800-846

and enforce the provisions contained therein. Private waste haulers doing business in Oldham County are permitted each year.


Most residential garbage is collected under a franchise agreement with Industrial Disposal and delivered to nearby landfills.

Recyclables are collected at the unstaffed recycling center located at 3943 Jones Drive. Items are processed and marketed to businesses that use recycled materials to produce new products. We also collect recyclables from the Oldham County Public Schools on a weekly basis.

Another very important goal of the department is to make Oldham County a litter-free community. We receive State monies for litter abatement. Non-profit groups can participate and receive a stipend for their organization by picking up litter from our roadsides. Neighborhoods can organize cleanups. We’ll even supply the gloves and bags so get involved! For more information on litter, click here.

We hope you find the information contained on this website helpful and take full advantage of our services. Please phone 565-1007 if you need additional information.


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